XMAS/NY Rentals

C H R I S T M A S  &  N E W  Y E A R  R E N T A L S

December 20th - January 5th

  • Any rental bookings made in advance for dates in this period will be automatically extended for the full 2.5 weeks, free of charge. 

  • Book the rental as normal for the date of your event, and I will extend this manually at the back end once the order has come through. 

  • These bookings are extended so that there’s no stress over postal delays at this crunch time of year leading up to Christmas and then with all the public holidays that follow afterwards where couriers aren’t operating. 

  • Any rental booked in advance for an event that falls between the dates listed above, will be sent out on or before the 20th (on the basis they aren't rented the weekend of the 18th/19th of December so they arrive in plenty of time.

  • The required return date for any rental booked for a date in the period listed above will be January 5th - you can post it back earlier if you wish, but that is at your own discretion. 

  • I will be posting rentals up to December 23rd for any last minute orders for events over this period. All orders placed after December 20th for this period will be classified as late orders. This is due to the well-known courier delays over this period, and the number of public holidays where couriers are not working to deliver parcels. 
  • Pick ups are available from Rolleston throughout this whole period, please email BEFORE you make your order to double check when you can collect. 
  • If you are looking to book a bulk lot of rentals for this extended period for all of your summer events, please email me and I can arrange a discount as a token of gratitude for your continued support. 
  • Finally, my biggest piece of advice for anyone renting in this season, is to order early and have it for the whole time, rather than order late and stress about its arrival before your event. Summer is meant to be an enjoyable time of year, and worrying about your outfit is never fun for you, or for me, or for the call centre workers who take my calls about your rentals whereabouts, when they are already inundated with people ringing about their delayed Christmas Present packages. 

May this summer season bring less silliness, and more fun times with our loved ones, all while looking the best doing it. 

Meri Kirihimete! 
All my love,