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Try Ons

T R Y  O N S

  • Try ons are available by appointment at our house in Rolleston. They are 45 minutes long. Times are posted on the Instagram (@designeraffair_nz) story on a Sunday night and then saved to the "Try Ons" highlight reel there after. These times book up very quickly so we recommend messaging us to secure a spot sooner rather than later. 
  • To book a fitting, send us a message on Instagram or Facebook with the preferred time(s) you would like to come to.  
    When you message us to book a try on:
       - Please tell us what you are wanting to try on.
       - What time space you are wanting to come to Rolleston for a try on. 
       - When you need to rent a garment for (so that we know how urgently you need an appointment). 
       - How many people will be coming to the try on. 
  • Try-ons/fitting are available year round, with some exceptions during University examination and holiday periods. Designer Affair reserves the right to refuse fittings/try-ons at any time.
  •  Due to the large number of people wanting fittings it is important that you show up on time to any fitting you have booked and let us know if you need to cancel the appointment as early as possible.
    If you change your mind on garments you are wanting to try on and if anyone else will be coming with you to the appointment that is also wanting to try things on. A lot of planning and organising is done to accomodate these appointments based on the information we are given. 
  • Postal try ons are now available by request for people outside of Christchurch, at a cost of $30 per garment plus $15 postage costs, subject to availability.
    To request a postal try on please get in touch via email with the details of the garments(s) you are wanting to try on and with the date of the event you will be needing to book for so that we can work out how urgently we need to organise this if it is possible.